To write is my passion and my profession.

Here is what others have written about me . . .


“ Most Web content is overwritten…too much context, not nearly enough focus
on the action.”

— Gerry McGovern

"Colleen is an excellent writer who understands
the needs of her audience and how to write in the 'brand's voice.'

For our company, she routinely took complex issues related to government benefit programs and medical eligibility, and converted them into informative articles for our customers.

She is skilled in SEO/Article Marketing. She would identify targeted industry keywords, write SEO-optimized articles, produce the accompanying article images and manage the posting of articles on our WordPress platform and third party content distributors.

Colleen was a joy to work with and would be a valuable asset to any company."


BG Rule


" skilled in
SEO/Article Marketing

excellent writer "

organized and
disciplined approach

" helped develop
what is now a considerable online presence

Vice President, Marketing
Social Security Disability Industry


"Colleen is a quick study of very complex and multi-faceted information. She has a keen ability to translate complicated information into straightforward articles and related text.

I like to say Colleen 'worked her magic' as she took several seeds of pertinent information, applied her talents with the written word and created meaningful, informative messages.

Her sense of ownership and personal commitment, along with her organized and disciplined approach to her work, are among Colleen's strengths.

" a lifesaver "

artfully tailor a message "

quick study "

accurately translates
company's objectives

worked her magic "

Training Manager
Social Security Disability Industry


"Colleen is a lifesaver. I hired her to get my new Web site up and running. At a time when I was overwhelmed with work and caught in the dilemma of the technology learning curve, Colleen stepped in to manage the project.

She interviewed me several times to learn about my business, my work perspective and philosophy. From there she developed a site that really represented what I am all about, with great graphics and content. Best of all, I did not have to worry or take time from my busy schedule of listing and selling real estate. Colleen took care of everything!

I think Colleen is best described by these seven attributes: great results; very personable; expert knowledge; good value; on time; high integrity, and wonderfully creative."


Real Estate Industry


"Colleen was responsbile for developing and editing content for our print and online publications. She was our first dedicated Web content editor and helped develop what is now a considerable online presence.

I can attest to her strong writing, editing and verbal communications skills, plus her project management skills, attention to detail and problem-solving ability.
She has many fine professional and personal qualities."


Director of Communications


"Colleen could clearly identify her intended audiences and artfully tailor a message to a consumer readership, a national organization of educators, or a trade magazine's following.

Colleen's ability to produce content for our member services Web site as deftly as she managed content for hunters and shooters, for example, demonstrated her versatility in handling assignments and subject matter.

Colleen is a person of strong character. She is personable and professional. You would be fortunate to develop a working relationship with Colleen."


Director, Editorial Services


"Colleen's careful eye for detail and her skillful writing and editing ability for the Web helped shape our online identity.

She distinguished herself as our organization's 'go to' person for quality content creation for both the Web and our print publications. She would always go the extra mile to ensure a job was done to its full potential.

If you are looking for a team player, a hard worker and someone that consistently delivers quality work, then Colleen is ideal for you."


Media Manager


"In my opinion, Colleen had a special knack of accurately translating her company's objectives into successful printed publications, meeting stringent deadlines and handling multiple priorities, all done within budget."

Mr MoonLight

Print Vendor



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